10 Alternatives for Google’s Wonder Wheel

The consultants here at DEP are a visual group. So the death of Google’s Wonder Wheel was a complete devastation to us. Not to worry we’ve outlined a top 10 list that we’ve think will do a good job of replacing the Wonder Wheel.

1. Google’s Contextual Tool – When I asked our Google reps where the heck our wonderful wonder wheel went they really didn’t have an answer only that their contextual tool is the next best thing. I’d have to disagree with them on that statement as it doesn’t give the visual presentation that the wonder wheel gave.

DEFINED by Google: “With the Contextual Targeting Tool, you can build tightly themed keyword lists for campaigns that are running on the Google Display Network. When you enter words or phrases in the Contextual Targeting Tool, the tool suggests a set of keywords related to your terms, and groups the keywords into themed ad groups.”

Replace “Google Display Network” with “Adwords Campaign” or “SEO Keyword List” and you get their my Google reps line of thinking.

Where to find the tool

You’ll need to login to a Google Adwords account and then follow the pictures below.

Adwords Contextual Targeting Step1

In Action:

Adwords Contextual Targeting Tool

2. Google’s Related Searches – The name says it all I think. This feature is apart of the standard Google search filters.

DEFINED by Google: “For certain queries, we’ll display a list of related search terms at the bottom of the search results page. These related search results present a set of similar information, which helps you refine your initial search and find new connections between news articles. Clicking on one of these terms will take you to the corresponding search.”

Where to find:

Google Related Searchs 8.23.11

In action:

Google Related Searches

3. Search Cloudlet – Allows for integrated tag based search on Google. What the hell does that mean? Essentially the plugin, that works in both FireFox and Chrome, creates a tag cloud of related searches around your original query. Screen

Where to find:



In Action on Google:

Search Cloudlet

4. – TouchGraph allows for the creation and navigation of interactive graphs. Ideal for organizing links, or mind mapping. Back in the old days this service used to free, but now it looks like they are charging for it. You can get access to their basic application by clicking on the demo in the main navigation.

Where to find the free service

Tough Graph :

In Action:

Tough Graph

5. – Quintura is a visual search engine that allows the users to refine their searches further use tags from their cloud.

Where to find:

Quintura :

In action :


6. Visuwords – Allows users to look up words to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts via graphs.

Where to find :

Visuwords :

In action


7. – Really not the most ideal but a interesting way to search through Flickr tags via 3D visual browser

Where to find: :

In action :

Tag Galaxy

8. Visual Thesaurus – Is an interactive dictionary and thesaurus using a visual display for data navigation.

Where to find:

Visualthesaurus :

In action:

Visual Thesaurus

9. Google Suggest – As you type in queries, Google will provide suggestions around what you might be searching for. It can uncover some excellent gems with the right key stroke.

DEFINED by Google – ” As you type in the search box on Google Web Search , Google’s autocomplete algorithm offers searches that might be similar to the one you’re typing. Start to type [ new york ] — even just [ new y ] — and you may be able to pick searches for “New York City,” “New York Times,” and “New York University” (to name just a few).”

Where to find it:

Go to Google and start bangin in searches

In action:

Google Suggest

Drum roll please …………….

#10. Keyword Map – Keyword map is as close as it comes to replicating how Wonder Wheel worked. Funny thing is that the Keyword Map existed a solid 6 years before Wonder Wheel. The only thing, is that Wonder Wheel’s data was driven by the ultimate source, Google.

Where to find: :

In action:

Leave a comment if you’ve got related tools as replacements.

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