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With the current NY state tax law coming into effect June
1st, many companies with online stores are starting to drop their NY state Affiliates,
instead of finding ways to work with them. We feel this is a very poor decision as these companies are:

  •  Severing a relationship with people who were
    actively supporting and promoting their products and brands.
  •  Allowing competitors to jump in and help show
    why they have a better product or service.
  • Weakening your current Affiliate channel and
    strengthening your competitions.
  • ·Not seeing the long-term value in taking a small
    financial cost now.

we got wind that REI has decided to kick out all of their NY state Affiliates,
which is unfortunate. The good news is that Eastern Mountain Sports is happy to
offer NY State Affiliates the opportunity to partner with a 41 year-old outdoor
equipment retailer icon.

It was our absolute pleasure this afternoon to get to
announce on that Eastern Mountain Sports will be continuing to
work with NY state Affiliate marketers, and in fact, we are rewarding new Affiliates
from NY who join the Eastern Mountain Sports program on Performics, with a $3
cash activation bonus (please read the posting on ABestWeb for more details
about how you can earn your bonus).

We find it hard to believe that
some companies would not see the value in keeping their relationships with
their Affiliates strong. On the upside
though, you still have many companies out there who do value these
relationships and we are proud to be able to represent some of these companies
like Eastern Mountain Sports.

We would also like to give a large
thank you to all of the support of people within the blogosphere like:

for their kind words to Eastern
Mountain Sports
and Downtown Ecommerce Partners.

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