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Google Support making you crazy-

If you manage your own Adwords account or are an agency managing one for a client you have probably spoken to Google Adwords support team. The support specialists are here to solve your questions by dialing an 866 number and being directed to the correct department. Once you have reached a specialist you are able to ask any questions pertaining to your client and they will assist you with instructions and dig further into your account. This is a free resource that is available to anyone with a Google account (Adwords, Analytics or My Business).

Working on multiple accounts we often speak to Google support on a weekly basis regarding accounts and questions. Recently we have noticed the decline of expertise on these calls. In the past, the majority of specialist could walk you through and answer your questions or troubleshoot your account but over the last six months we have seen a drastic decline. We’ve found ourselves waiting as many as 20-minutes just to be handed over to a specialist that asks “how can I help you?” and then puts you on hold to search the support section of Adwords. 

However, if you do receive a specialist that can answer all your questions and assist you at a reasonable time make sure to ask all your questions and request an email. By requesting an e-mail, you can send over any follow-up or further questions you may have in the future.

Over the last several months, we have questioned specialist on why the decline in support and they don’t have a direct answer only to the fact there is a higher demand. So has Google lowered their standards? Why do we have to be put on hold and listen to answers we have already read online or have them tell us they will call back but never do?

For example, a call was made in relation to Google Merchant Center and a problem with a feed being under review for longer than 24-hours. The rep said let me dig into this and we will contact you and let you know. After 11-days and several follow up emails sent to them we received a response that linked back to the help section where we first started.  We replied back to them asking if this was the only information they could provide and never heard back. 

Throughout our experience of working with specialists over the phone and via email, you have to wonder if there is a high turnover rate or Google has let their qualifications for employees lower?

Does a customer that is paying Google to run ads on our site deserve to have top-notch support or is it something of the past? The fact is we will never know.  Although we cannot rely on Google 100% for all our questions and quick responses there are other resources and tips you can utilize.  

Below is a list of tips and resources you can use to help find answers to your Adwords, Analytics or any other Google channel: 

Google Implementation Team

This is a great resource to use when you have questions and need assistance with implementing tracking or scripts onto your site or via Google Tag Manager. However, you have to call Google support first to set up a call.

Tip – Make sure when you call you skip explaining the issue and directly request an appointment with the Implementation team. The support specialist will create one for you. 

Answering Questions in Your Account 

The Google support section online – A great resource for basic questions in the account. Try looking here before calling support (It will probably be quicker).

Google Adwords community forum – A useful place to search, review and/or post questions that you may have. Within the community, there are many others similar to you that could have posted in the past and others have answered. Check it out here.

Tip – search for your question directly and you may see several results.

PPC Chat on Twitter – This is a great place to meet and ask others questions and support related to paid search. Here you can post questions or difficulties you are having and you will see quick replies from users around the world.

Ultimately, we have to find our answers somehow to continue with our account and obtain our goals in the account. If you have exhausted your efforts or need one more resource contact DEP Online Marketing Agency. Allow us to answer all your questions and look for new opportunities while managing your account. 

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