Mobile PPC – Is it the Way to Go?

Mobile is everywhere and pretty much everyone is on smartphones browsing, reading, shopping etc. In this day and age, mobile PPC has become a frequent conversation when discussing marketing strategies. So if everyone is using it and talking about it – is it really for you?



Let’s consider some strong data

PureClick, a leading click fraud detection company, and partner of ours, ran a test on two of the largest ad networks to determine the quality of users clicking on mobile ads. They created a doorman where the user had to confirm that they wanted to visit the site.

The test included 4,868 paid clicks with the following highlights:

  •     *1,946 spend less than 4 seconds on the landing page
  •     *1,058 spent more than 5 minutes  (outside the staleness window)
  •     *Only 222 clicks came from real people intending to click the confirmation and continue onto the site.

This means only 4.7% of visitors confirmed that they wanted to visit the site verse as much as 80% of intent from clicks on paid search. 

Looking at the test results mobile PPC may not be the right way to go. Spending money on non-quality clicks or real intended people is a waste of time. 

Additionally, considering the do’s and don’t’s of mobile PPC you see that the average CPC is higher than desktops due to the smaller amount of space and high competition. Does your company really have a need for mobile PPC? Does your company create an immediate need or is a local business near buy? 

If so, create a mobile campaign and test it for yourself. We recommend testing with PureClick where you can measure the intent of your users coming through mobile. 

Below are a few tips when running a mobile PPC test:

  1. Have a mobile friendly site
  2. Create a campaign only for mobile
  3. Make sure your landing pages are effective (simple & easy to convert)
  4. Fast site load time
  5. Effective & simple ad copy
  6. Clear call to action

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment and/or contact us.

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