DEP Has Got Your Back! Is Your Workspace Ergonomic?

Work related injuries are often times due to the physical stress from sitting in the same position for long periods of time. This can leave you with strain on your muscles, joints and your spine. This damage can lead to long-term health problems. If your 9-5 requires long sessions grinding it out at your desk, it’s important to know that these injuries can be prevented.

We have worked closely with Dr. Brisson, spine specialist NYC on the ‘Stop the Back Pain’ campaign. Dr. Brisson has comprehensive experience treating a wide range of spinal disorders. He has been acknowledged as the best spine surgeon in New York City and has performed countless scoliosis treatments across the globe. Are you ready to create a comfortable environment at your desk while giving your workplace a makeover? The visual guide below details the importance of ergonomics in the workplace and preventative measures. DEP has got your back.


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