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With all the Microsoft and Yahoo! talk, very little is being said about some major moves that will drastically impact ecommerce land for years to come.

Interesting release from the eBay corporate blog this past Saturday. eBay links to some interesting analysis on other blogs as well.

Key Takeaways – quotes taken direct from eBay:

  • “eBay has entered into a partnership with that will see them move all of’s new and in-season inventory onto their eBay Store  in the coming weeks.”
  • “Terms of the deal are not being disclosed publicly but the messages I’m
    hearing echo recent themes coming out of eBay presentations focusing on
    a better buyer experience and moving toward a more retail-like
  • eBay is “not, at this time, extending the “deal” to top sellers and that any
    partnerships will be assessed on a one-off basis with hand picked

Big moves – year of the Marketplaces, here it comes.

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