The Hague 

As an international organization, operating in the town dubbed “the world’s legal capital,” made perfect sense to us.

The DEP team loves the city of Den Haag, in the Netherlands. Home to the Dutch monarch, two International courts, and countless government offices for the Netherlands, the Hague (as we call it in English) is a special destination. It’s a key setting for one of our satellite teams. An office in the Hague serves two purposes. It grounds us in an internationally significant setting but also presents us with a geographic touch of whimsy. Anyone who’s been to the Netherlands will tell you, it’s a fun place. The Hague is no exception. Whether it’s strolling through her magnificent squares, enjoying a night on the town or wolfing down some the richest chocolate in the world, we dig the Hague. It’s hip. It’s significant. It’s DEP.

Address: Toussaintkade 1, 2513 CJ Den Haag, Netherlands

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