Ecommerce Optimization


Today, business owners are faced with an increasingly complex set of variables, which contribute to their brand in different ways. Customers engage with those brands through multiple platforms a desktop, mobile, social – and marketers have access to an ever-expanding array of tools, all of which must be understood to ensure that what is being applied is effective.

As a result, analytics should be a cornerstone of any successful Ecommerce business. Using the proper tools is just as important as using the proper resources. Merchants gain a competitive advantage through properly understanding and using analytics.

Business owners often invest in industry-leading technologies only to under-invest in strong analytics resources. That’s where we come in. Downtown Ecommerce Partners’ analytics consultants help clients bridge that gap by providing actionable insights into your site performance, marketing campaign performance, and customer behaviors.

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    Case Study


    Restructuring of Site Taxonomy and Optimization of Shopping Cart Process increased the average order value by 15% and revenue by 45%.

      • Improved sitewide Bounce Rate below 45%
      • Improved sitewide Exit Rate by 20%
      • Improved sitewide Conversion Rate by 1%

    Read the case studyEcommerce Optimization, Industry: Fashion