Paid Search for Ecommerce

Sure, you could run your own campaigns.

Ecommerce paid search, also known as pay-per-click or in this case ecommerce PPC, is a critical component of most effective marketing portfolios. While at a glance ecommerce PPC seems like a fairly simple concept to understand; businesses bid for ad space on search engine results, there is an untold cost to bidding alone. The bids you don’t win are the ones that are killing your budget. What we supply is the winning team and experience you need to skip the learning curve.


It’s as much about repetition as it is reputation.

This is all our ecommerce paid search team does all day, every day. You may choose be involved a lot or may prefer to operate entirely hands-free. We involve you to the extent you want to be involved. Rest assured, from years of experience our team will create, implement, and oversee a search engine marketing campaign and strategy that is right for your business.


It’s what we know.

The partners at Downtown Ecommerce take into account your business objectives, the competitive environment, and the dynamics of the search engine landscape to meet your objectives for ROI, sales, and brand management. We are committed to transparency, and make sure you have a full understanding of our approach to campaign architecture, keyword generation, ad copy management, bid strategies, and account optimization.


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    Case Study


    Pay Per Click (PPC) with
    PPC account completely overhauled using their product catalog via their datafeed to create campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads, and manage bids, increasing visits by 23%, revenue by 50%, impression share by 73%, and return on investment by 77% year over year (YoY).

      • Revenue increased 50% YoY
      • ERS improved by 77% YoY
      • CTR increased 352% YoY

    Read the case studyEcommerce PPC , Industry: IT Hardware