Social Media for Ecommerce

It’s more than just a Facebook Company page.

Consider that only a few years back Facebook was merely a sapling under the boughs of MySpace, and Pinterest wasn’t even a seed. Today’s social media landscape is arguably overgrown. The rate of growth is such that by year’s end, we may have to update this copy because the references are painfully outdated. No doubt, compared to other online marketing arenas, social media for ecommerce feels like a rapidly shifting forest, where one could easily find himself lost or worse, giving up.


Don’t give up.

The reality of ecommerce social media efforts is that your customers expect you to be there. The question for most ecommerce brands is where and when should we be focused? Or better yet, how should we measure our growth? In simple terms, the advice we give is patience. Social media is a slow growth story. It’s true. The net value of social media for ecommerce is tough to weed through easily, but the facts are the facts, and they are these:


We can help.

Our ecommerce social media team can help you craft an appropriate strategy that serves as an extension of your brand, and we can help you understand its impact on your business. We work with you to determine where we believe our efforts can be most effective, and how we can achieve the best results. It is usually a combined effort of content creation and proper syndication (AKA: publishing, blasting, posting)


You will be included.

We provide monthly or bi-monthly reporting, which outlines just what progress is being made in the channels best suited for your brand. In simple terms, we tend to measure social media success on the number of followers your brand has, and how they are engaging with your social media pages. We also look at flow thru to the site, and conversions or purchases. You will know what we are doing that is working, and what we may consider not doing as it is not getting the desired results. More than with SEO and PPC your brand’s and team’s involvement in social media is critical to our mutual success.


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