Case Studies

Restructuring of Site Taxonomy and Optimization of Shopping Cart Process increased the average order value by 15% and revenue by 45%.

    • Improved sitewide Bounce Rate below 45%
    • Improved sitewide Exit Rate by 20%
    • Improved sitewide Conversion Rate by 1%

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    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with

    SEO Campaign Focused on Improving SERP Saturation for Hyper Competitive Electronics and Appliance Keywords, Increasing Site Traffic by 52% and Revenue by 1,249% Year Over Year.

      • Of Electronic keywords driving
        traffic increased 52% YoY
      • Of Electronic keyword visits increased 236% YoY
      • Revenue increased 1,249% YoY

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    Pay Per Click (PPC) with

    PPC account completely overhauled using their product catalog via their datafeed to create campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads, and manage bids, increasing visits by 23%, revenue by 50%, impression share by 73%, and return on investment by 77% year over year (YoY).

      • Revenue increased 50% YoY
      • Conversion rate increased 90% YoY
      • ERS improved by 77% YoY
      • CTR increased 352% YoY
      • Visits increased 23% YoY
      • Average order value increased 139% YoY

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