Email for Ecommerce

Not junk mail

Our clients know that their existing customers are among their greatest assets. Email for ecommerce continues to be an incredibly powerful tool for marketers to leverage their existing customer base for sales, growth, and loyalty. It’s more than just a newsletter, more than ecommerce email noise. It’s an effective story arc that follows your customer’s path all the way through the funnel.


We’ve done this before

Our email for ecommerce team brings industry best practices and decades of experience to help you define and implement your email marketing strategy, including your communication plan, lifecycle management, list growth, and segmentation strategies; as well as ESP selection and integration with social media. We know just what to send them, and when to send it to them.


Results are the driver. We’ll handle navigation.

With monthly reporting on your ecommerce email results, you will never be far from the most important information you need to feel good about your investment. We will work with you to determine the data points you most care about and keep you updated as often as you like on how we are progressing. You will never be so close to the pulse of your customer base.


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