Ecommerce Content Marketing

Content is how we win big.

Winning content is not always viral, but it always appropriate stakes down the long tail of your overall strategy. When it comes to ecommerce content marketing, Downtown Ecommerce Partners are your go-to experts on creating the copy, which best speaks to your customers.


We have many talents.

Content marketing for ecommerce is a broad term, which could be anything from ad copy the words on your site. It could include blogs, emails, brochures, and really anything in between. We even create graphics for blogs and social media, but these are all just tactics. The big strategy for crafting a content plan starts with identifying our audience.


We make it simple and personal

We start by creating and understanding the personas for your brand. Developing personas involves taking the demographic details of your client base, and organizing it into composites of real people. Once we’ve identified them we can use those personas to give direction to your content, campaigns, and really anything related to how we market your brand. It might take a little effort on our part, but the process and the results are worth it.


We measure, we respond and we light fires.

Before we start any content marketing for ecommerce plans, we consider the best resources we have for what types of content are getting the most attention. By resources we mean we use a variety of online tools and industry influencers. We consider what is hot, what’s really not, and what could be the next super-hot topic. And then we get to work.


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